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Work nº054-1 : Keep warm burnout the rich (mobile), (2010).

Forged steel.

12 x 200 x 105 cm.

Work nº054-1: Keep warm burnout the rich (mobile) (2010) is the first and founding work of Nøne Futbol Club.

It was born from a photo of graffiti seen in Exárcheia, the anarchist district of Athens. It is also the first of a series of different variations: mobile (2010), stabile (2011), fragile (2017), a humorous nod to Alexander Calder's work.

The sculpture draws its strength from its performative character: it is an iron marking, heated by the fire it invokes. Thus one moves from slogan to action, from humour to provocation, without ever being able to determine which comes before the other.

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