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Work nº206 : 1984, (2011).

Renault 5, limited edition « Lauréate », 1984.
140 x 152 x 352 cm.

“Turning a car over” is first of all a protest gesture that refers us to images of riots where cars are turned over on the roof. Nøne Futbol Club, playing with words and images, gives us to see something new: this R5 from 1984 - happy coincidence? - is turned over not from top to bottom but from the inside to the outside, like a vulgar sock.

Heckling our perceptions and feelings of the inside/outside, the work attacks popular representations of the automobile where are intermingled the taste for mechanics, the morbidity of the accident, the car as a receptacle of insurrection and the fascination of the object that has become sculptural.

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