Work nº079 : Drop it like it’s hot, (2019).

Tin / In situ intervention.
As in many series of Nøne Futbol Club, this one plays on different degrees of simulation of real objects. Depending on the versions, these simulations come back to a more realistic representation of the object, keeping visible some elements obviously responsible for the illusion, thus blurring the limits between the significance of the work and the status of the real object.

Work n°079 : Drop it like it's hot, (2019) takes up the idea of jewels casted in the shape of bird droppings, and stages them in a disposition that put them back in the realistic situation of dropped pigeon excrements. The artists let the tin drops fall, following the architecture line of Le Crédac - Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry, just like the droppings of pigeons nesting under a roof are strewn along the walls. Staged in a museum, this version accentuates the contrast between the beautiful and the prosaic.

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