Work nº038 : Get ####, (2019).

Japanese tree sparrows, office carpet, steel, aluminium, motors, Arduino, CCTV.

This variation of Bird's thoughts was designed during an artist residency hosted in Adhex Technologies, an adhesive products company working, among other things, for the automotive industry. Still on the same principle, the birds sit on the roots, following their disposition, and thus drop their feces on the ground in a shape that was predefined by the artists. 
The foundation of this work lies in the robotization of the tools inspired by the factory, through the automation of the perches that allow to write all the letters of the alphabet like the typography of an LCD screen.

The development of a program enables the movement of the roots lines in aim at creating droppings-messages. Work n°038 : Get ####, (2019) conceptualizes the idea of automatic tasks and highlights the interchangeable aspect of the employees and their missions. The irony is here exacerbated by the choice of the setting, a deserted office decorated with blue carpeting.

Nøne Futbol Club