Oct. 15th - 21th 2018

Private Choice

An ephemeral contemporary collection
Under the direction of Nadia Candet, this 6th edition of Private Choice is an imagined and ephemeral contemporary collection of art and design. The inspired fictional collection of art and design takes place in a Haussmannian apartment, located a stone’s throw away from Grand Palais.

From Monday October 15th

until Sunday October 21st 2018


From noon to 7.30pm

(7.15pm last entry)

By invitation or reservation only.



Paris 8e district Franklin D. Roosevelt

near Grand Palais - FIAC

Work nº079: Drop it like it's hot (Transmutation), 2018. Golden silver

With ACdO / Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, François Azambourg, Bina Baitel, Benoît Barbagli, BEN, Djim Berger, Atelier BL119, BINÔME / Fréderic Pain et Ingrid Michel, Aurélia Bire, BIIS, BlankBlank, BLESS, Silvie Brière, Victor Cadene, Lord Anthony Cahn, Ellen Carey, Boris Chouvellon, Carlos Cruz Diez, d.d. trans, Odile Decq, Yann Delacour, Guillaume Delvigne, Jean Dewasne, David Dubois, Carol Egan, Pierre Frey, Mara Fortunatović, Samuel Gassmann, Pierre Gonalons, Pierre Guariche, Constance Guisset Studio, Sebastian Herkner, Eric Hibelot, Gilles Jonemann, Charles Kalpakian, Lucie Koldova, Alexandre & Florentine Lamarche-Ovize, Bastien Mairet, Sylvie Maréchal, Pia Maria Raeder, Angelika Markul, Pia Mathes, Bérénice Mayaux, Régis Mayot, Eric Michel, Michel Mortier, Vera Molnar, Simon Naouri, Stefan Nikolaev, Nøne Futbol Club, ORLAN, Jonathan Omar, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Sabine Pigalle, Anne et Patrick Poirier, Pool, Julien Quiesse, Mateo Revillo, Vivien Roubaud, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, Frédéric Ruyant, Edgar Sarin, Ugo Schiavi, Studio Formes Libres, Studio MVW, Jeanne Susplugas, Jonah Takagi, Nathalie Talec, Stefano Trapani, Muller Van Severen, Emil Lagoni Valback, Rebecca Vallée Selosse, Emmanuelle Villard, Sacha Walckhoff, Frederik Werner, Sophie Whettnall.

For our first collaboration with Mini Masterpiece Gallery, specialized in contemporary artists jewels, we created a new set of works in silver and golden silver, entitled Work nº079: Drop it like it's hot (Transmutation).

In the continuation of our project "Bird's Thoughts", initiated in 2011 and questioning the organization systems of companies and the value of art, this work is inspired in a playful way from the definition of alchemy (from ancient Greek khêmeia, meaning "the art of melting and combining metals").

In a simple gesture, leitmotiv of our practice, a drop of molten metal is dropped from a certain height. By hitting the ground, it disperses and freezes in a radiant impact, aesthetic and conceptual at the same time, reaching the desired goal of alchemists, transmutation of metals.
Nøne Futbol Club