Nov 30th - Jan 26th 2019

Our Winter Show

Opening on November 30th, 6.00 – 9.00pm

With works by Anastasia Ax, Arvida Byström, Danilo Stankovic, David von Bahr, Daniel Jensen, Duda Bebek, E.B Itso, Elis Monteverde Burrau, Éva Mag Finsta, Fredrik Åkum, Gunnar Smoliansky, Jenny Källman, Jonas Liveröd, Joakim Ojanen, Julia Peirone, Klas Eriksson, Linda Pedersen, Lisa Jeannin, Linnea Sjöberg, Lisa Jonasson, Maja Flink, Malin Gabriella Nordin, Matti Kallioinen, Nadine Byrne, Nug, Nøne Futbol Club, Oskar Nilsson, Ragnar Persson, Tommy Sveningsson, Tova Mozard, Vincent Skoglung, Ylva Carlgren, Yngvild Sœter, Åsa Cederqvist, Idun Baltzersen, Oskar Korsár

Gallery Steinsland Berliner Bondegatan 70
11633 Stockholm, Sweden

Work nº079 : Drop it like it’s hot (Transmutation)

MiniMasterpiece Gallery

For our first collaboration with MiniMasterpiece Gallery, specialized in contemporary artists jewels, we created a new set of works in silver and golden silver, entitled Work nº079: Drop it like it's hot (Transmutation).

In the continuation of our project "Bird's Thoughts", initiated in 2011 and questioning the organization systems of companies and the value of art, this work is inspired in a playful way from the definition of alchemy (from ancient Greek khêmeia, meaning "the art of melting and combining metals").

In a simple gesture, leitmotiv of our practice, a drop of molten metal is dropped from a certain height. By hitting the ground, it disperses and freezes in a radiant impact, aesthetic and conceptual at the same time, reaching the desired goal of alchemists, transmutation of metals.

Work nº079 : Drop it like it’s hot (Transmutation), 2018

Brooch and earings, silver 925 and golden silver.
Edition of 10 + 2 AP
Co-édition MiniMasterpiece / Private Choice

MiniMasterpiece Gallery
16 rue des Saints-Pères
75007 Paris – France

M. +33(0) 6 62 01 63 06
T. +33(0) 1 42 61 37 82

Work nº054 : Keep warm burnout the rich, 2018.
Epson UltraChrome inkjet print on 189g Epson Superior Mat Paper, 84,1 x 118,9 cm.

Lapin-Canard #30

Edition available online :

Lapin-Canard is a publishing platform for artists’ posters based in Paris.

Lapin-Canard developed a smart production-distribution-celebration model for the support of visual artists it enjoys, from very young to well-established. Together with its printing partner Atelier Martin Garanger, Lapin-Canard offers them carte blanche on a unique A0 format (841×1189 mm). The posters are microencapsulated pigment inkjet prints providing silkscreen-like high image quality, density and stability. Lapin-Canard uses a matt paper with a deep and velvety rendering.

Posters by Bettina Atala, Yann Leto, Nøne Futbol Club, Carl Marion (Rictrude Kairos Carl), Marine Julié, Jules Baudrillart, Anaïs Hay, Mathis Collins, Myriam Barchechat

Nøne Futbol Club
For full portfolio and résumé, please email contact(at)nonefutbolclub(dot)com