May 25th - June 2nd 2018

Goodbye Blue Sky

With Ruth van Beek, Tim Bruening, Uwe Bermeitinger, Marc Einsiedel & Felix Jung, Daniel Feistenauer, Anne Charlotte Finel, Robin Hinsch, Henning Kles, Eike König, Magda Krawcewicz, Filipe Lippe, Stefan Marx, Roman Moriceau, Nøne Futbol Club, Michael Satter, Jakob Sinn & Uroš Weinberger.
« Goodbye Blue Sky », Âme Nue’s first curated group exhibition, is a contemplative series of daydreams and escapes, a carefully composed narrative of shifting romances. It is the writing of ‘realities’ expressed for consideration, a succession of thoughts and images by artists who inspired us.

While constantly watching the world unfolding its realism before our eyes, we maintain distant to questions of existence or integrity.

Neither necessarily logical nor distant from the tangible world, this exhibition pictures the quietude of an eluded truth, merely worlds and societies, gone with the streams of phantasmagorias, vices and follies.

Reflecting today’s mind-sets and emotions, « Goodbye Blue Sky » wishes to provoke the viewer’s release into a pensive state, pitched into one’s own blues and lost paradises.

Work nº061 : Pou Pull (Serie We Rob banks), 2013. Marker on an original Picasso lithograph, 54x68 cm.
@ Âme Nue
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2,
20459 Hamburg

Nøne Futbol Club