Sept. 27th - Oct. 19th 2018


Cur. by Thomas Havet / Double Séjour

@ Franklin Azzi Architecture
13 rue D'Uzès Paris, France

With Max Blotas, Bianca Bondi, Antoine Donzeaud, Paul Gounon, Vincent Lorgé, Thomas Mailaender, Andoni Maillard, Célia Nkala, Nøne Futbol Club, Laurent Pernot, Guilhem Roubichou, Hugo Servanin, Ken Sortais, Pablo Tomek, Dune Varela, Justin Weiler.
Franklin Azzi Architecture invites Double Séjour.

Since the foundation of his firm in 2006, Architect Franklin Azzi developed his skills in architecture, furniture and urban design throughout France and abroad.

The firm premises are set up in a former industrial workshop of the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris. Franklin Azzi Architecture (FAA) deploys a multidisciplinary team composed of some 40 collaborators including: architects, interior designers, decorators, graphic designers, art historians, and also parametric design researchers. Thanks to being at the crossroads of these many disciplines, a process of collective reflection arises.

Nøne Futbol Club