After Marcel Duchamp

by Jessica Castex

Excerpt from the catalogue “Co-workers, the network as artist.” Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2015.

The name of this artist collective and its use as a logo, echoes the transversal aspect of their practice and the plurality of their field of action. “Nøne Futbol Club” associates three terms with Scandinavian (the letter “ø”), Spanish (Fútbol) and English (club) origins. The letter “ø” which is pronounced like a long French “e”, and which modifies the English word “none”, is also the mathematical symbol for an empty set.

Works by this collective embody the metaphor of an artistic process integrating references to games, popular culture, and hacking. The duet, who has been artists and graphic designers for several years now, has created a language that has been enriched by the vocabulary of these two fields. Their performances, sculptures, and installations all claim a rebel attitude mainly based on humour, for instance in the video installation Work nº 075: Ici c’est Paris (2012), a series of portraits showing a young generation ready for battle, letting white smoke out of their nostrils, like bulls in an arena.

The phrases they collect in the urban space sound like slogans. In Work nº 054: Keep warm burnout the rich (2011), these words, which were a graffiti made during the 2008 riots in Athens, become a branding iron. A playful vocabulary is added to the struggle one: for instance the artists disassemble a police car only to reassemble it backwards (Work nº 911: All Cars Are Beautiful, 2013).
They play with codes from mass culture by appropriating the vocabulary of advertising, reality shows, science-fiction films as well as the use of social networks. By putting society under the scrutiny of their ferocious humour, they mock celebrities (Liza Minnelli, Donatella Versace) abusing plastic surgery and bodybuilders obsessed with modelling their body. Thus, in Work nº 076: Stay hungry (2013), Mister Universe’s muscles made of caramel melt under the heat of the exhibition lighting.

Work nº 2B: La Tonsure (after Marcel Duchamp) (2015) experiments with the infiltration of art in the football world. After noticing that haircuts where one of the few areas of freedom left to football players, the artists asked a former player from the French national team, Djibril Cissé, to reproduce the famous “Tonsure” by Marcel Duchamp, immortalised by Man Ray. Videos and photographs of Cissé displaying this new haircut circulated on the active networks of the football sphere. Nøne Futbol Club attempts here to understand the impact of an archetype image of modernity, Man Ray’s image, on the supporters. The project also makes use of this visual representation for the creation of objects, in order to question the notion of aesthetics in advertising.
Nøne Futbol Club
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