Work nº144 : Hot Wheels, 2017.
Burnt wood, 80 x 120 x 90 cm.
Jan. 19th - Feb. 24th 2018

 Acts of disruption

Collective exhibition / Cur. by Alice Bonnot

Acts of disruption is an exhibition of eight international artists whom address socio-political issues. The exhibition responds to the idea that engagement, resistance and disruption are the first steps to build an alternative society. The work of Hackim Bey, anarchist writer and poet, has inspired the project to consider ways of driving change through concentrating on the present, questioning political authorities and emancipating one’s own mind from controlling mechanisms. By using humour, poetry and philosophy to raise questions and to criticize our current habits, artists invite the viewer to see society in different perspectives.
With works by Louise Ashcroft,
Jamie Fitzpatrick, Nøne Futbol Club,
Marco Godoy, Jeremy Hutchison,
Benjamin Gaulon and Thomas Langley

Opening on January 8th, 6.30 – 9pm

The Concept Space,
7 Spa Road, Bermondsey
London SE16 3QP
Press release
Nøne Futbol Club